The Blaze Staff Motivation Program (SMP) is tailored to ensure that the metaphorical goose that produces the golden eggs is well nurtured. Our programs will transform any work station into a theatre of friendly company and shared dreams.

Our Programs

Our Programs consist of a series of interventions that can either be implemented individually or combined systematically to create a wholesome program. As such, we creatively design the programs to have a grand fit with your company’s vision, culture and annual focus hence becoming very strategic, sustainable and measurable.


The following are our main programmes:-

THE VIP “Vision Inspiration Program”

The VIP program seeks to answer the following questions:-
  • What is so good about us / our organization?
  • What legacy are we leaving?
  • Why are we the best?
  • How are we going to change the world?
  • What critical role do I play in this journey?
This program will ensure each of your employees is part of your Dream Team or in our words…a VIP (Vision Inspired Partner)
Everyone wants not just to belong but to be part of a big dream, a legendary journey and a team of champions. The VIP is an initiative that provokes the Management Team to critically analyse the vision, mission and values of the organization and to communicate them simply and practically to their staff in order to foster ownership and participation in the vision.

THE VAP “Vision Animation Program”

The VAP essentially seeks to answer the questions:-
  • How can we make our vision / mission / values / products visual and practical?
  • How can we make the vision / mission / values / products stick in the minds of our staff?
  • What creative initiatives can we have to describe / emphasize our vision, mission, values, and products? – Anthem, poem, pledge, signature greeting, dance etc.
While the VIP program seeks to inspire staff to buy into the organizational vision and to discover their role in the grand scheme, the VAP is a creative initiative that seeks to move the vision of the organization from company literature (theory) to the day to day operations and interactions of the staff.

THE IE“Innovative Environments”

The IE initiatives here include:-
  • Restructuring of Work spaces to reflect organizations vision,staff and customer culture
  • Creative and Inspiring Interior design
  • Piped Music to boost the working environment
  • Creation of staff lounges and recreational areas – sports, fitness, gaming, catering, health bars, drinks, mini theatres and creative spaces etc.
If you want something new you have to stop doing something old – Peter F. Ducker Any organization that wants to distinguish themselves from the competition must intentionally have Innovation and creativity at the heart of their strategy. We believe that creativity can be suggested to the human psyche i.e. creative environments make creative people. Our creative designers, in light of your organization’s vision will work with you to design a work space that oozes with life and enthusiasm necessary to inspire your dream team and your customers.

SA “Staff Activation”

SA examples of activation activities will include:-

Creativity days, Challenges and Competitions, Award programs, Team Building Retreats, Creative and friendly staff on boarding, Birthday, anniversary and special day celebrations, Dance Energizer Sessions Staff Hang outs – lunch/ Coffee/ Movies /paint ball /GP Carting/Hikes/Camps/Bungee/Bowling/Rafting/ Biking/Treasure hunts…… e.t.c, Random lunch time fiestas (parties), Periodic Themed Staff parties,Sport Days, Social Media Forums, Family Fun Days, Elaborate End of year Award Ceremonies, Incentive trips, Charity Outings – CSR Activities, Staff Trainings & Motivation Clinics, Health trainings, Staff ‘Barazas’ , The list is endless….

With our professional Event Management and Staff Motivation expertise, based on identified team needs and organization’s culture, we will integrate fun and creative activities into the business calendar of your organization to ensure your employees enjoy their work life.

This is the heart of the Staff Motivation Program and it consists of team activities that will create a sense of belonging in the organization through shared memories. These creative activities and events will be spread throughout the organization’s calendar year and will be designed to promote staff bonding,stress relieving, staff appreciation, fun and general wellness.