Staff Motivation

Blaze Consulting“Motivating Africa”

Blaze Consulting is a specialized Staff Motivation Solutions Enterprise with over 10 years of experience in coaching diverse groups in Team Building.

We believe that every person and institution has a unique purpose.

We exist to motivate communities, organizations and individuals to help them realize their personal and corporate aspirations.

Our Core Values and Philosophy


  • Boldness
  • Excellence
  • Transformational

Our Objectives

  • To boost staff productivity by having continuously motivated teams
  • To design work stations that inspire creativity
  • To build work place cultures that supports organization’s visions
  • To strengthen positive inter – personal work place relationships
  • To create pleasant and inspiring work environments

Our Vision


  • To build highly motivated workforces that will fuel the socio-economic prosperity of Africa.

Our Mission

  • To design and promote vibrant work environments by the use of creative
    and sustainable staff motivation solutions.